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Assist : Help prevent child labour by sponsoring residential education and living expenses of a very

Posted On: Jul 12, 2014 03:41 pm

about orphanage Prakasam and Guntur in AP were found to have a high incidence of social problems. Illiteracy, child labour and poverty were rampant. ASSIST was born in response to this situation, aiming to provide alternatives to the communities that lived here. Mr.J.Ranga Rao, Operational Director, ASSIST has rich experience in NGO field. For the last four decades he has been working for the development of downtrodden on various issues. He was Graduated in Social Development from COADY International Institute of St. Francis Xavier University - CANADA, Bachelor of Law from Nagarjuna University in 1980, Bachelor of Science from Andhra University in 1972. He is an active member of the Rotary Club of Chilakaluripet since 1991.
Facts : Full time staff :119 Part time staff:12 Consultants:0 Contract staff :0 Volunteers: 0 Total Receipts for ' 2012-2013 is INR 57764724.00 Total Payments for ' 2012-2013 is INR 60796120.00
TRN-0004110903 12-07-2014 ASSIST Help prevent child labour by sponsoring residential education and living expenses of a very poor child for a year 1835.00
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Event 5 Dinner sponser for IMCC

Posted On: Sep 27, 2012 10:13 am

Event 5 Completed on 27th Sep,2012: An amount of Rs.2500/- is donated for Dinner Sponsor to IMCC "Indian Mission for Children in Crisis"


About IMCC,Bangalore: It was founded in the year 1999-2000,towards equipping , facilitating and rehabilitating children and communities in crisis situations in ways that lead a fuller and more joyous life.

Receipt from IMCC.

Special thanks to the members for your valuable contribution in this event.

Event 4

Posted On: Mar 08, 2011 10:25 pm


The EVENT 4 scheduled on 5th March 2011, donation for CHILD AID FOUNDATION. was successfully completed and our money funds utilized for this event is Rs. 7000/-. Following are the food material we donated.

List of Items donated

Donated Food Item Name
No. of QuantityTotal Quantity
Rice Packs
5*25 Kg Pack
125 Kgs
Dal 1*25 25 Kgs
Ground Nut Cooking Oil 1*16 Ltrs 16 Ltrs
Treat Mango Plup Cool Drink 20*2ltrs 40 Ltrs
Sununda - Urad Dal Laddu 4*100 pack400 Nos


Postal address :

Child Aid Foundation, 
C.A.F. Road,  Patamatalanka, 
Vijayawada, A.P., 520014, India
Telephone number :
(+91) (0) (866) 2470380

Thanks for the people who attended for this event !

Flood Donation Program 3

Posted On: Jun 16, 2010 04:26 pm

FGS Foundation with help of RED FM at Vijayawada city exclusive collected materials for flood people.

Over All Summary of our 3rdDonation Program

S. No.

Materials Donate

Total Cost


RICE: 100kgs

Rs. 2800/-


Cloths 20 Packs App. 270 Dress old + new

Rs. 4200/-


Water Packets 500 Packs

       Rs.  500/-

Total Expenditure

Rs. 7500/-


I thank one and all the people who involved in donation program.


Donation Program 2

Posted On: Oct 08, 2009 08:32 am

Our another program is started onMarch 1st 2009. We have been collected Rs.7300/-

At first donation made to a girls kidney operation : Amount 3000/- Rs

Y.Tejeshwara Rao (Brother)
SBI Account No: 30530194555
Ph No: 9642330845

Second We donated for a Orphaned Old Women Amount: 1000/- Rs

Third We on Augest 15th Independence Day We donated Amount : 3300/- Rs Details as follows

SKCV to know more (

The SKCV Headquarters is Prema Vihar Village, which lies some five miles outside Vijayawada city, a major junction in coastal Andhra Pradesh State, South India. Situated alongside the banks of the River Krishna is an 11 acre farm which provides a safe haven from the chaos and dangers of life on the street. It is home to 130 previously destitute kids, some as young as six years old.The farm is totally managed by the children, both old and young. There are 35 cattle, market gardens and orchards.

RICE: 50kgs

Eggs: 160

Kandi Pappu: 10kgs

Biscuits: 120

Chocolates: 200

"Thanks for SKCV for the THANK YOU letter which they send for us".

Thanks for people who were supported this program with full of success.

Donation Program 1

Posted On: Jan 30, 2009 09:30 am

"As a part of our initial program, we have started our For a Good Society foundation on 15th august 2008 i.e independence day , as our first program. we have donated the food items to two charitable trust one is NIRMALA SHISHU BHAVAN and another one is MISSIONARY OF CHARITY. Thanks for all the people who are involved to promote this program."